D.I.Y. Project,

Mod_flower_DIYhi there! i'm excited to share a cute & simple Do-it-yourself project with you tonight! Here is a set of mod flower patterns that you can print and use as a template... Download Mod Flowers 

Flower_DIY_1step 1: print and cut out some cute blooms. 

Flower_DIY_2Flower_DIY_3step 2: stitch on a large button using embroidery floss. 

Flower_DIY_4Flower_DIY_5step 3: use super glue to adhere a hair clip to the back of your bloom. :)

Flower DIY elsie 2this project is easy and so cute! here are a few more ideas for spicing up your mod flowers.... layer your blooms with several cut from different fabrics, try making one from plastic or cardboard and add yarn or ribbon to your flowers to create leaves! 

Flower DIY elsiei hope your Saturday was wonderful! XOXO. elsie 

Bumble bee nails


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