D.I.Y. Project,

Journal DIY headerDIY Monday is back! I am so excited to share with you this simple and super fun idea for covering journals.... 

Fabric floral Farbric vintagestep 1: choose some fabric that you love! i buy almost all my fabric from etsy.com (search under 'supplies'). i love vintage sheets (like these), cute japanese patterns, and random designer patterns. 

Moleskine journalyou'll also need a couple moleskine journals (or any paper covered journal... and of course, you can always DIY your own from scratch if you like). i like large journals with unlined pages for sketching!

Ironstep 2: iron your fabric. you won't want any wrinkles on your book cover. :) 

Spray adhesive step 3: trim your fabric so that it's about 1 inch (on all sides) larger than your book. lay it facing down (so that the backside of the fabric is showing). spray your book cover with spray adhesive & wait about 5 seconds for it to dry just a tiny bit (so it's not too wet) and turn your book over so that the cover adheres to the back side of the patterned fabric. next, immediately, close your journal and make sure there are no 'bumps on your fabric... smooth the front and back of the cover with your hands. 

IMG_6154(lay your journals under something heavy for about 10 minutes while the glue dries)

Trim edgesstep 4: trim the fabric right up to the edge of your journals. 

Scraps(pretty scraps... i thought they needed their own photo.)

Sewing machine step 5: add machine or hand stitching to add extra durability to the edges of your journal. this step is optional! 

Machine stitchingYay! your journals are done! I have a few more cute ideas to add a little extra personality to your books.... 

Disappearing penfirst, use a disappearing pen to draw a cute mustache on the top of your journal. 

Fabric paint next, add an outline with some fabric paint and fill in the inside. then use a paint brush to even out the application. 

Floral_journal_DIYta-da! it's adorable and quirky! another fun idea is to adhere patches to your book cover. :)

Floral_journal_samplei want to carry these everywhere! hope you've enjoyed DIY monday! XOXO. elsie 


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