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Plush bunny tutorialI had so much fun creating this quirky little bunny doll. I'm planning to gift this to Jeremy's niece, Isabella, for Easter. I looove Easter, but I've never been a fan of traditional Easter colors. This plushie can easily be adapted into lots of different animals or you can even make a cute bunny family! Anyway, here goes...  

Clothes to reworkI stitched this plush up in about 2 hours from %100 recycled materials (minus tread)! I went 'fabric shopping' in my own closet. Lucky for me, I recently made a huge donation bag so it was easy to choose. I found a few oversized dresses in fabrics i loved to rework! 

DIY step 1Step 1: Cut 2 pieces each of these two measurements (inches). These will be the base for the head and body of your cute bunny. note: when reworking used garments, it's best to avoid seams and try to find large sections of unstitched fabric to cut from. 

DIY step 2Step 2: Begin stitching details on your plush's face (One of the 7x8inch rectangles). I started with a base layer for the eyes (imperfect hand cut circles appx 1.5 inches round). 

DIY step 3Step 3: Complete details on the face with machine and/or hand stitching and buttons. note: buttons are not safe for babies, they can be substituted for felt appliques! ;) 

4Step 4: To stitch together your bunny's head; stitch, reverse and stuff ears (example below) stitch the face together with the facial features facing down (insider) and the ears upside down on the inside. Leave a 4 inch hole at the base of the bunny's head for stuffing and body attachment. 

Bunny earsBunny ear example. My cut pieces were 3x4 inches, but you can make the ears longer if you prefer (i think short bunny ears are kinda adorable....)

DIY step 5 pocketDIY step 5 heartStep 5: It's time to choose something sweet for the front of your bunny's body (one of your 6x6 pieces). I thought a pocket from my lumberjack shirt would be cool, but in the end i settled on a heart instead! 

DIY step 6Step 6: Cut our arms and legs (2 layers or fabric for each limb). My cut fabric for arms was 2x3 inches and legs were 2x4 inches. Stitch the pieces, turn them inside out and stuff like (just like you did with ears). 

DIY step 7Step 7: Next, you'll arrange them like this (pointing in) and pin the other layer of 6x6 fabric over the top. Stitch all the way around, leaving a small (3-4 inch) opening at the top for stuffing. 

DIY step 7 pt 2(this is how your body will look when pinned together, before stitching) 

DIY step 7 pt3 And here's another 'in progress' shot. Next up is stuffing the head & body! 

DIY step 8Step 8: After stuffing both pieces, stitch the head and body together.

DIY step 9 necklaceStep 9: (the final step.. whew!) Stitch a cute pearl necklace on your bunny using random buttons & embroidery thread.

Bunny plush dollPlush_DIY elsieBunny doll
Plush bunny tutorial BHooray! Happy Monday to you. I hope you enjoyed this cute little Do-It-Yourself project! XO. elsie


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