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Feather butterfly wreath DIY
I think this is one of my all time favorite DIY projects & I'm super excited to share it with you today! I've been filling up my journal with tons of fun ideas for future blog posts and projects and this is one of them! This is my first home decor DIY inspired by fashion... and it's perfect for Spring! 

Ever since I saw this amazing butterfly hair piece by Alexander McQueen I've been so inspired. I've always admired feather butterflies, but never used them in a project before! I love to translate something that inspires me (fashion, music, art) into something practical for my home.  

Supplies needed: a foam wreath form, grey yarn (i like thick & chunky lion brand yarn best!), scissors, adhesive, feather butterflies (i used about 20 on a 12 inch wreath). 

Step 1
Step 1: wrap your wreath form with thick yarn. use small sections (about one yard of yarn each time), tie each section on the back of the wreath & repeat.    

Step 2
Step 2: this is how the back side of your wreath form should look. Make sure each section is tightly wound and that no floral foam is exposed. 

Step 3
Step 3: adhere butterflies directly to the yarn around the entire surface of your wreath. Mix up colors and sizes to create an interesting arrangement. note: I used tacky craft glue. hot glue or super glue would work as well.

Step 4
Step 4: allow to dry. 

Feather butterflies
Orange feather butterfly
It's a pretty quick Do-It-Yourself project! The most time consuming part is wrapping the yarn, which is a great TV-watching-multitasking-activity. Hope you enjoyed this and feel inspired! Happy butterflies for everyone....

Elsie butterfly
XO. elsie   


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