things you didn't know.... 

*i don't really know how to use my camera (or anything about technical photography) & it doesn't really bother me... at all. 

Picture 6
*one of these days, i want to surprise mr. larson with one of these... he loooves them! (source)  

Picture 7
*and i want one of these! (source) i think suki would be happy with a little family. :) 

*if i had one wish......... it would be something about teleporting abilities & seeing my sister everyday.  Picture 8
Picture 10
i dreammm about being a mom someday (& i love being an aunt too... but you already knew that!)      

Miss angie
*in highschool i listened to miss angie every morning before school.... yes, every single morning. i also crimped my hair because of her... and wore foil stars on my cheeks. 

No blow dryer dude
*i can (almost) never finish blow drying my hair.... i can't think of anything more boring in the world.  

Rainbow nail polish
*for the past few weeks i've painted my nails pretty much every other day. i could probably sustain a blog for just my nail polish. 

Snow white annie leibovitz
*this is my personal favorite annie leibovitz photo shoot... & it's very hard to choose! maybe i'll be snow white next halloween? and suki can be a little apple. :) 

*i'm quite sure i'll never love another version of Alice in Wonderland as much as Walt Disney's. 

Elsie flannigan
*i'd like to become more patient, less forgetful and more thoughtful as i grow older. 

What are some of your secrets? blog them.... i dare you! XO. elsie     

Ps. this was inspired by silje's secret telling post... 

Picture 9


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