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What is a pinhole camera? It's a camera with no lens. Pinhole cameras are usually homemade and can be made of almost any box that is dark and hallow. Photos are taken through a tiny (pin) hole on one side of the box and are manually exposed by uncovering the hole for a moment. You can read more technical info here

The thing I love about pinhole cameras is that it creates photos similar to a holga (or many other plastic toy cameras). These unpredictable, distorted photos are so pretty to me. I've been wanting to try this project for a long time and my dad has helped me to construct my own camera and this week I will share with you a tutorial for constructing your very own homemade pinhole camera, tips and photos! We are going to make our cameras for regular 35mm film so they can be processed quickly (and inexpensively) at a local photo lab/drugstore.  I'm so excited! 

This first section in our D.I.Y. is dedicated to introducing you to pinhole photography and getting inspired for the upcoming project! 

Here are some inspiring pinhole camera photos: 



here are two pretty pinhole photos by infaready.   











Here are some neat handmade cameras: 


[made from Coke cans! source]


[made from Legos! source]   

Mr potato head camera

[made from a mr. potato head! source]


 [pretty box camera with woodgrain laminate. source]


and here's a photo taken with the above camera! source

are you excited? ME TOO

more parts to this D.I.Y. coming soon! Love, elsie 


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