I'm so excited to announce my next upcoming online class. I'll be co-teaching with the wonderful Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave. 

What is 'Tell Your Story?'

Tell Your Story is a six week art journal class. Elsie and Rachel will share a personal art journal page with a challenge or fun technique each day (7 days a week, for all 6 weeks!). In addition to the daily pages, we will share tips and tricks for creating six unique art journal books that are sure to inspire!

 Meet Your Teachers 



What started as writing notes on pretty magazine pages in high school has since become one of my favorite ways to document those easily forgotten details that make up seasons of life.  Art journals have been a safe place to test new ideas, reflect, list random details, and get a little poetic and I'm thrilled to get to share some of my favorite prompts and techniques with this class. -Rachel



I've loved art journaling for the past 10 years. It's a wonderful 'just for me' hobby that I am looking forward to (finally) sharing with a group of students! Art journaling is my favorite therapy. Most of my journals focus on simple memories, hopes and dreams. There is also plenty of room for vulnerability in these books. Pages that explore doubts and fears have been a part of my personal growth through the years. I'm looking forward to six weeks of fun prompts, personal challenges and getting messy with pretty supplies while learning more about ourselves! -Elsie    


-Tell Your Story is a six week class that begins on April 26th. You'll enjoy one inspiring post each day with either an art journal page with creative prompt or a book making project. 

-Supplies: Computer, Internet, one large blank journal or sketchbook with card stock (heavy) pages. Pens, paint and crafting scraps (all items we use on these journals are items we already have in our own studios). 

-We will host a weekly Q&A/Chat with fun topics by both Elsie & Rachel. 

IMG_6974-We will share tips on finding and storing ephemera. 


-Private blog access will be sent within 24 hours of sign up. You'll have a bonus project waiting for you before the class starts & sessions officially begin on April 26th! 

-Topic examples (for art journal prompts): Dreams, Secret Plans, Handmade Magic, Conversations Captured, Everyday Joys, Silly Quotes, Happy Lists, The Honest Truth, Three Wishes, Today I..., Memories To Be Made, A Closer Look... 

Registration Details

-Class Cost: $60 US

-Payments accepted: Paypal (via both our blogs) and the Red Velvet Art website. 

-Private blog login info will be sent within 24 hours of payment confirmation. 

*If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected]


So excited! XO. elsie 

ETA: Please note... We have received many e-mails from you asking about the time frame of the class. This class has daily inspiration and fun opportunities to share your work and connect with other students. It does not have assignments with deadlines or anything that is required to 'turn it'. It's quite leisurely and easy to follow at your own pace! You will also have access to the class blog for a full year even after the class has ended if you need extra time to complete projects or would just like to revisit! Thanks! 


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