A few months ago I started an artist interview series with the cute ladies from All Mighty Clothing (see here). I am so excited to continue that series today with the fabulous Jenny Hart, creator of Sublime Stitching. Jenny's beautiful patterns and stitched portraits changed the way I think about embroidery forever. Enjoy! 

Jenny hart

Elsie: Sublime Stitching is such a great brand! When did you start your company and how has it evolved over time? 

Jenny: I started embroidering portraits in the summer of 2000, and I launched Sublime Stitching in late 2001 with a simple blog. In a few months it became it's own website / company with patterns and then kits. I built and developed the company and (hard-coded) the website myself and, this is pre-Etsy days! There was a lot of cobbling together and seeing what made sense and how to connect it all. And, it's constantly evolving. You can actually see how it's changed over time by going through the internet archives here





Elsie: What is your favorite part of owning and operating Sublime Stitching? 

Jenny: The freedom and independence that comes from being my own boss. 


Elsie: What is the most challenging part of your work? 

Jenny: The (lack of) time and the (lack of) money. It always comes down to resources and how you are going to fuel what you want to accomplish. And, making the wisest decisions about what you have. Doing something on your own, without an established financial or structural platform is hard, hard work. Building a business and being the main creative source is incredibly difficult. And, in my case, I've been working outside of a well-established industry with major, major resources. It seems that those with the most financial resources tend to have fewer ideas and, those with the valuable ideas lack the resources or structure needed to advance them. That's the hardest part, for sure.

Sublime stitching

Elsie: Can you show us a peek at a recent project you're excited about?


Jenny: Sure! Here are a few: 

I will have a solo show of drawings opening at Domy Books in Austin on May 1st called "Study Hall Drawings"

I'm embroidering imagery from Hieronymous Bosch paintings for Richard Saja's invitational "Replanting the Garden" opening in Indianapolis at Big Car Gallery

And I'll have work in the upcoming  Gallery Hananhou NYC show "Lost At Sea"  May 6th - June 11th 

Sublime Stitching will (fingers crossed) also have a new pattern sheet up in the next week or two. I'm a little bit over-worked right now, to tell the truth!

This work never ends

Elsie: Who are your style icons? 

Jenny: Goodness. No one has ever asked me this. If this is to mean anyone who possessed a personal aesthetic that I admire, then I could only name a very few. 

My mom, Louise Brooks, Helmut Newton, Tamara DeLempicka, Prince, Linda Fiorentino, Angelica Houston, Cindy Wilson, Beatrice Dalle...


Elsie: Do you have any advise for aspiring artists and indie business owners? 

Jenny: Yes, I do! It's right here.

Brunette by jenny hart

Thanks so much, Jenny! I adore you. 

Please take a moment to leave Jenny a sweet comment & also let me know some of your favorite artists who you would love to see interviewed or featured here at A Beautiful Mess! XO. elsie  




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