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Hey there, It's Alec. Im a big fan of taking old books and bringing new life to them through multiple uses. So for this case I chose to make a photo guestbook.





 Items that I used can be seen here. The Instax Camera definitely works great for this. Film can get a little steep price wise but I am a big fan of the small size and it fits in a book quite well. The book I picked up at the thrift store along with the old photo album. Other items include glue, pens, scissors, and photo corners that I picked up at Michael's for really cheap.




First thing I did was take the old photo album, peel the pieces of plastic off each page and then cut the pages out a couple at a time.




Next, I ripped out all of the binding in the book and said goodbye to the pages. 




Following that, take the pages from the old photo album and fold them in half, and then trim them to the size of the book, and in accordance with the look you are going for. I left the edges ruff for character. Then I used the tip of my scissors to punch holes in each folded piece of album paper.




After that, take the twine and thread it through each of the holes and knot it, leaving a small amount of play in the tightness.






Next,  put glue in the middle of your vintage book, and sit the bound album paper firmly on the glue.




I would let this sit until it is completely dry, but make sure to check it every once in a while and open the pages to make sure there is no glue in between the pages too far inside the book.




After the drying has stopped, open each of the pages in the book to stretch it out a little bit, then proceed to glue photo corners where you deem will be best for the type of guest book you want. I went ahead and did three per page.




Well well. you now have a rockin photo album to use for any occasion! Customize to your liking or event and make it fun, and enjoy. Alec


[Alec, Thanks so much! This is super adorable! I can't wait to make one... elsie]



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