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Hello boys and girl! This is Mandi here to share with you a DIY to help you organize your life, and make it a bit prettier as well! One of my New Year's resolutions was to wear more hats. The good news is, I have been very successful with this resolution. The bad news? I have no room to store all of the hats I've been accumulating! Berets, pillbox, and knit hats fit easily in hat boxes on a shelf in my closet. But I'm really worried about crushing or deforming my hats with wider brims. So, I've decided to start a collection of hats on my walls.


Here are some simple instructions to decorate/organize your hats like mine.


To complete the project, you will need:

1. Hat collection (of course!)

2. Clothes Pins

3. 3M removable adhesive strips


Begin by laying out your hats on the floor to see the general arrangement you would like to hang on the wall. The arrangement will probably change as you go along, but it's a good idea to have a starting point.


Next, trim an adhesive strip to the appropriate width and stick it onto the bottom of a clothespin. Be sure to save the trimmed piece of adhesive strip- it can be used in combination with another scrap on a later clothespin.


Clip the clothespin which now has an adhesive strip attached to its back and attach it to the hat you will be hanging at the top. Hold it next to the wall and decide where your hat collection will begin. After you've decided, push the clothespin onto the wall. It's stuck, but you can always remove the adhesive strip and move the hat as you go along. Continue doing this with all of the hats you have laid out on the floor.


Now this next step isn't necessary, but if you want to secure floppy hats, you may want to have a clip at the bottom of your hat as well. If you are a perfectionist and want your clothespins hung straight, mark the bottom of your hat with a pencil on the wall, and then remove the hat.


Using a level, remark the bottom of your hat by lining the level up with the clothespin that is already on the wall. My mark ended up being off by about an inch, so I remarked the wall and hung the clothespin over top of the new mark, erasing the old mark with the pencil eraser.



That's it! Quite simple, really. I used this method quite often when I lived in a dorm room with cinder block walls. It's a great way to hang lightweight things, or things that you will be moving around as time goes by, like my hat collection as it continues to grow.  I might need to be careful to keep the collection from taking over the entire room!


Thanks so much, Mandi           


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