here's my list of how i spend my 'alone time' when my boyfriend leaves for tour... 

Thrift shop

*vintage shopping of all sorts! flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and boutiques. i try to fit in as many as is humanly possible.... it's so much fun. 

Picture 2


*searching for the perfect bicycle. 


*decorate my new home, little by little. 

Pink vinyl record

*listen to all the pretty music that i've purchased, but not yet absorbed. 

Bed polaroids

*go to bed and wake up at much-much earlier times. :)  

Picture 5

*day and night craft time! i have a huge list of things i want to make for my shop at the moment. 


*and painting.... i've missed it so. 

Photo 1086

and maybe if i get bored i'll get back to work on my tattoos in week 2 or 3... we shall see. i realized that i've gotten ALL of my tattoos with other friends who wanted me to go with them. so either i need to find a pal that wants to be very frequently inked or i should learn to go by myself. haha. :) 

also on my list.... watch all of my guilty pleasure movies while making stuff and rekindle my friendship with my camera. XO. elsie  

[photo sources: thrift shopenamel broochesbicycleviviana's vintage decorpink vinyl, bedspoolspaint]


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