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Hi! It's Promise. This all started when I was cleaning out and organizing my new studio when I came across Audrey Assad's indie album packaging from a few years ago (photo below). She is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter with a great idea on how to package cds. She just threw it in a paper bag and wrote her title on the front. Whether you are an indie artist that needs a low budget packaging option OR you just like to make mixed cds for your friends, this DIY is super fun and easy. Inspired by Audrey's great idea I expanded on it a little more. Here's how: 


(Audrey's album cover)


INGREDIENTS: You will need the following items: small paper bags, scissors, twine, string, or yarn, your cd, and printable sticker paper. I got my sticker paper at staples.



1. PLACE CD INTO PAPER BAG. Then fold it in half. It is now the size of a cd case.


2. PRINT DESIGN ON THE STICKER PAPER. I created a design on the computer and printed it out on my home printer using the sticker paper. Cut out your design. [NOTE: you can download promise's design for use too! Just add your own title and print them out, but please give Promise credit for the designs!]



3. STICK DESIGN ON PAPER BAG. Peal off the sticker backing and place your design on your paper bag.


4. ENHANCE DESIGN. With a permanent marker I added doodles and borders to my design.


5. WRAP CD. Use the twine to wrap and secure the cd and design.


6. PROTECT IT. For extra effect and protection place your design into a clear bag (5.5inx8.5in), fold and seal.

Your Indie CD DIY packaging is now finished and looking mighty fine. Super easy right? Think you will try it? Link up in the comment section and show us how it came out. Have a great day!! 

Loves, Promise




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