D.I.Y. Project,

Hey there, It's Promise again with a new fashion DIY. Your new summer hair accessory? Well,... mine at least. So fresh and earthy. This is a really easy DIY using items that are probably already in your home… And thats exactly the way I like it. haha. I am really thrifty and always like to see what I can make with the items  that I already have. You can be lazy this summer and just wear plain, simple, and comfortable summer dresses and or bathing suit cover ups and just throw in a cute hair accessory to spice it up. Okay so here it goes.

1. INGREDIENTS: old t-shirt, hair clip, scissors, super glue, twine, and feathers.

2. CUT/RIP T-SHIRT INTO STRIPS. I chose a black T-shirt because I wanted just a subtle look in my hair. I cut/ripped 3 different lengths of fabric. One really long one, one medium length and one shorter one. I even added some knots and tied ends together for a detailed look.

3. ATTACH T-SHIRT FABRIC TO CLIP. Using the twine I simply tied and tightly knotted the fabric onto the end of the clip.

4. WRAP TWINE AROUND T-SHIRT STRIPS. Wind the twine around all three fabric pieces separately. I wound certain parts tighter than others to add more interest.

5. GLUE THE FEATHER. Super glue the end of the feather.

6. ATTACH FEATHER. Slip the super glued feather through the wrapped twine.

 7. SECURE FEATHER. Secure the feather again with a snippet of twine. Knot it good, just to be sure.


8. REPEAT THE PROCESS. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have the desired amount of feathers and twine on your hair piece. I used about 3-5 feathers on each t-shirt strip.

9. Place the hair-piece in the back (at the roots) underneath your hair.

I hope you enjoyed this really fun and summery DIY. Link up here in the comment section if you try it. We want to see. :)

Loves, Promise


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