wow! i was happy to see what so many of you are interested in doing this little 'simple goals' project with me! it will be fun to motivate each other and be inspired by what others are achieving. if you'd like to participate, here are the guidelines... 

1. choose simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis. choose things you may not otherwise get done, but that are not difficult to accomplish. 

2. do not choose result oriented goals, choose activity oriented goals. for example.... instead of "lose 10 pounds", choose something like "eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day". get what i'm saying? positive actions instead of just the end result! 

3. choose goals that are personal that you believe will truly make your life richer just by doing them! they can be daily, weekly or one time experiences. 

4. choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished! it can be a small or large reward. 

5. blog your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year! i'll be doing this too! links back to this post are appreciated. 

So excited! If you blog your goals today or this week, please leave me a link here so I can check them out! My sister and mister will be playing along too. Here are my 4 simple goals... 


1. take more photos of everyday life. i've been in the habit of taking photos only when i intend to blog them or use for business. this is a just-for-fun personal goal for me. i don't want to take photography seriously all the time, i want to do it as a hobby. 2. create the prettiest dress shop around. i'm obsessed and inspired and this project is making me so happy in my heart. i want to do this for my customers, but most of all i want to do it for myself! 3. create a beautiful studio space. once again, i've moved to a new location and i am building my studio from scratch. right now it's hard to find time for 'behind the scenes' work at Red Velvet, but this is so important to me. a beautiful and inspiring studio is something i need in my life every single day! 4. dye my hair natural red. anything that requires making an appointment takes me months to do. i don't know why, but i have a huge mental block with picking up the phone and booking things like this. now that i've said it here i sorta have to do it (that's the point)... yay! 

I'm excited to read your 4 Simple Goals! remember to make them personal challenges that will make your life more beautiful each day. Feel free to use these banners I've made... 


Have a lovely day! elsie


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