(this list is mostly for myself, but i thought it might be fun to share)  

Things to be happy about in August of 2010.... 

1. Holly's coming to visit next weekend, Emma has 32 new bubble tea flavors to taste test before October (yay!yay!yay!), I've done two magazine photo shoots in the last two weeks for fun upcoming features (plus I get to build/style my own backdrops... so fun!), our new shop remodel is ahead of schedule (shocking, i know....), i'm spending all day, everyday with my little sister this season, we created the cutest retail tags i ever did see today and my studio is finally getting moved over tomorrow evening (we packed all the boxes today). Now that's a lot to smile about. :) i'm really truly thankful.

here are some new stickers i made for our online order packaging... 


i'm heading to bed early because tomorrow we have a pretty huge back-to-school dress shop update AND a brand new class going up at 7pm CST. i'll be sure to share lots of peeks and details. 

XO. elsie 


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