(photo by Alec Vanderboom


Wow.... It's been a month since we signed the papers and purchased our new store. I'm happy to report that our remodel is WAY ahead of schedule and things are starting to shape up around here. It's starting to look like a store again (instead of a gigantic mess with paint and ladders everywhere...). Our pal Alec snapped this photo a week ago while we were working on another fun shoot here. It looks like we will be physically ready to open way ahead of schedule (we still have 9 weeks to go!). That's great news considering I really want to hand-make a lot of brand new product before opening night. Also, we will be traveling to Chicago this coming month to sell pretty things at The Renegade Craft Fair. It's going to be a very exciting season! 

I just wanted to pop in and give you a peek and a *good news* update on our progress! We are beyond excited to open our doors on October 29th! 

You may have noticed that I haven't posted very many photos of the inside of the store (yet). This is intentional because I want to save the before/after photos and post them all one week before the opening. I think you'll be really excited to see the decor ideas we used to make the space our own. It's a vintage store with a very fresh, new vibe. The styling is completely mid-century, but the displays are set up like a modern department store. I'm loving this experience more than anything. Thanks for sharing it with us! Els


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