hi there. we had such a lovely time in San Francisco this weekend for The Renegade Craft Fair! I have lots of photos to share. We had a great time. San Francisco is just how we imagined it except for muchhhh colder, but the people are warm. :) enjoy... 


Day 1: first things first, we shared the best carrot cake muffin.... my favorite! 


We got our table set up. Here are some peeks at the new items I brought with me... 



Instant photo stickers! We made two different sets. I looove them.  


We brought a huge collection of scout patches and let people choose them by the piece. It was SO fun to see people digging through the pile and choosing favorites! 


Gocco printed pencil pouches! These sold out. Maybe we should do some more for Autumn?    


Our super sweet pal, Vivianna, came to visit us both days. She's darling! 


This was Emma's first Renegade for Red Velvet. I was so glad she could come with me! 


We shared a booth with the famously quirky and adorable Twinkie Chan! Her food cart themed set up was so fun and unexpected. 



I love her brand and she's a super kind and genuine person too. I think we need more Twinkie Chan in the Red Velvet store sooooon!  


Alright.... my absolute favorite part of Renegade is watching kiddos pick out paper dolls! I absolutely melt hearing their little comments and seeing which dolls they choose. SO sweet



ha! this little boy picked out one of Emma's Holly-Go-Lightly inspired eye masks! adorable. 



All in all, we had a great first day! We also got to meet my lovely friend Katie and had dinner with Liz, Chelsea, Shawnie and Vivs. I loooove meeting online pals and blog readers! Thank you to everyone who stopped by. We love you, SF! xo. elsie  

coming up... Day 2, the absolute prettiest craft fair display I've ever seen & my purchases from the weekend! Happy Monday! 


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