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Photography is one of my favorite hobbies in the world! I receive questions about my equipment, toy cameras and photoshop techniques almost daily. I thought it would be lots of fun to create a gigantic informational post for you about my favorite cameras, some tips and tricks and lots of links.... This post may be a tiny bit nerdy, but hopefully super helpful to my camera shopping pals. Enjoy! 


My 'Real Camera'... I currently own a Canon EOS 40D. This is what I use to take most of the photos seen here on my blog. It's a great mid-level slr. I've been using it for a few years. The next upgrade I have planned is this beautiful camera. Super excited that the newest Canons have video capabilities. 

I, primarily, use two lenses with my slr camera. I like to keep my camera bag extremely simple. First, this wide angle lens. Here are a couple example photos taken with this lens...

I love my wide angle lens for interior decor shots (it's hard to get everything in the frame with most other lenses I own), outdoor photos (buildings, sky etc...) and 'arm's length' self portraits.


Any photo where i am holding the camera myself for the photo (excluding mirror photos, of course) is taken with this lens. It's very useful! 

Next, I use a 50mm f/1.8 lens for portrait and product photos. Here are a few examples...



This lens is better for photos of people and it works great in lower light.   

Another huge part of photography is PhotoShop. I use actions on lots of my photos to speed up the editing process and keep things consistent. The only actions I use are Totally Rad Actions. The set I own is "The Revenge". Here are some examples... 



The first photo has Brooklyn (B&W) on it and the second photo has Lux and Punch-Out! If you've never used actions you can learn how through tutorials on their site. They're really helpful and can also be a great tool for anyone not super familiar with photoshop. 


Next up.... my absolute favorite 'toy' camera. The Fuji Instax Mini! I have the chocolate one. It's probably the best thing I bought last year. I've already taken over 200 photos. It also comes in whitepink and blue. I take this with me almost every day! The photos look like business card sized polaroids....


SO adorable. 


Polaroids are so much fun. All throughout high school until recent years I used this camera so much. Film isn't as inexpensive as it used to be, but it's cool that it's available again! You can read about it at The Impossible Project

Hope you enjoyed seeing a peek at my favorite cameras! I had fun writing this post..... XO. elsie


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