Local (Springfield MO),


today we had such a fun day with Holly & Delilah. we went to Aunt Martha's Pancake House (see my insane whipped cream hot chocolate... OMG) and had the yummiest brunch. we visited Funtiques with Rachel too. after that i went with Holly to get her Red Velvet tattoo! rachel and i already have 'red velvet' tattoos and i was SO glad that holly wanted to get one too. I love her concept...


It's a lilac ball of yarn with a crochet hook and a banner that says 'Red Velvet'. so cute! 

after the tattoos we spent the evening chatting it up with Emma, Rachel & Courtney at the shop and eating the best thai food you can get in the midwest! :) i love planning laid back days when friends come to town. so nice to catch up and relax together. XO, elsie 


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