I'm super excited to finally announce my involvement with Levi's Shape What's To Come! I've been working on this project for the past month and it's super thrilling. I can't wait to tell you all about it! 


For the next six months I'll be serving as an 'Ambassador' for the SWTC community. It's a truly amazing website that encourages women who want to take steps to make their dreams a reality. It's all about starting a new adventure and helping each other achieve goals! This is a subject that is near to my heart, so I jumped at the opportunity to be involved!

A few weeks ago I visited Chicago and met some of the other amazing people involved in this project. It was so much fun. We got to have a personal fitting at the Levi's store, and find our Curve ID match. I ended up with the Demi Curve skinny jeans in grey. That was lots of fun! We had sushi, took lots of photos and laughed a lot. It was cool to meet new pals and gather inspiration. 



(my Demi Curve skinny jeans...) 


Ok... more about the website, I'm sure you're curious! 



On the SWTC website you can see my profile page HERE. The community was created for 20-something women, but anyone around the world can join! Each person gets to upload a photo of their studio space (i looooooooove this part, it's my absolute favorite) and add links to spots around the web (for example... I linked my blog, twitter, flickr etc). After this you declare three goals. The goals can range from very serious to simple, and it's so inspiring to see what other people have chosen. There are tons of ways to meet other aspiring artists and business people who may be able to help you reach your personal goals. Are you excited? me too. It's such a beautiful and original concept! If you're interested, I highly recommend joining in the fun.


My role will be sharing about my current adventure (opening the new Red Velvet Shop)! I'll be making video updates and chatting in fashion/vintage/handmade related discussions.



There's more! We are having a live videocast with Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward today (the 18th) at 4pm EST. Come check it out and ask a question! Zooey is definitely a huge inspiration. I adore her style and drive!


Thanks for letting me share! I'm excited and honored. XO. elsie


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