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My name is Lori Marie and I like to make pretty things. Elsie asked me to come up with a simple DIY to share for her 12 days of Tricks & Treats. Yay! I thought it would be fun to restyle something you already had in your wardrobe to give it new life for the season. I mean, who doesn't love a little free style, right?

Supplies List: You'll need a sweater, felt scraps, embroidery thread, a glue stick and needle.



SNIP: Cut your felt.
Select colors that compliment your garment. Doodle simple shapes that are easy to cut. Cut shapes from felt. 



STICK: Glue in place. Decide on arrangement of felt. Secure in place with glue stick.


I like to arrange the entire design and then begin gluing one tiny piece at a time. 

STITCH: Time to Sew. Split Floss into two or three strands. 


Use tiny whip stitch to secure petals and hearts. Use contrast thread and a decorative stitch for the leaves. Stitch every teeny tiny piece until they are all secured. 


That's it.... You're done! Now you have a new fancy favorite! Use your imagination and whatever embellishments you have laying around. The possibilities are endless! Lori Marie

Thanks so much, Lori! Visit her at her blog and shop. Happy second day of Tricks & Treats! XO. elsie


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