Hey everyone.  Jeremy here.  I will be your guest blogger for the evening.  As you may have heard, I've created a side project under the name "Fort Christmas".  

Elsie and I have been dating close to three years now, and I've changed more in these last few years, than any other time in my life (just look at the picture above :)  Before I met Elsie, I have to be honest, marriage was not something that was of much interest to me.  As a musician, my only real love was music.  Everything else in life was somewhat trivial compared to writing songs.  But then I met her, and everything changed.  And this is the honest truth that I've learned- there is nothing that even comes close to the feeling of pursuing your dreams and the love of your life, while walking hand in hand with the love of your life.  We work together, and I feel like my goals are also hers.  I have a partner now.

Yesterday, I released my first EP for the project, "Feathers".  I first got the idea for the side project after finishing my new album (it will be released in the spring).  Making that album was such a heavy task, and was so time consuming, that I felt like I needed to do something fun and light hearted before working on anything else under the name "Jeremy Larson".  During that time, I was listening primarily to The Beach Boy's album "Pet Sounds".  I completely fell in love with the way that Brian Wilson wrote/produced this album.  The lyrics are so simple, but touching.  The tone of the lyrics seemed to say, "I'm in love, and I'm going to sing whatever is in my heart; no apologies".  Well, being the love-struck boy that I am, I decided that I should try to write some songs like that.  There are five songs on the "Feathers" EP, and they tell the story of Elsie and I.  The first song is about our first date, and (WARNING: SPOILERS!!) it ends with a song about Elsie and I getting engaged.  So, the song that I'm posting here is the final track, and it is appropriately titled, "Engaged".


Download 05 Engaged

How to Download: If you're using a Mac, hold down "control" and click the link.  Then choose "Save As" or some computers might say "Save Linked File".  If you are using a PC, right click the link, and choose "Save Link As".  By the way, if you'd like to listen to the rest of the EP, or purchase it, you can do so here.  Also, if you want to read more about how this EP was made, there are lots of entries on my blog about the process.  

Thanks for reading! Jeremy


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