D.I.Y. Project,


Hi hi! My name is Elise and I am excited to share with you a simple DIY wreath that you can make with scraps of fabric, ribbon and a wire hanger.


Carefully unfold the wire hanger and twist it into a circle shape. It doesn't have to be perfect, you won't see the wire once we are done.


Begin tying scraps of fabric to the wire with a simple knot. (Scraps of about 7 inches will be best).


Continue tying scraps varying the color and type of material. Push the knots very close together and twist the fabric around the wire to give the wreath dimension.

Once you have completely wrapped the wire, add a ribbon around the main frame and tie with a bow.


It's ready to hang on your wall for the rest of the season!

Thanks, Elsie, for having me! Enjoy the rest of the Tricks & Treats. xo, elise


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