hello there, a beautiful mess readers! my name is jenny and i run an online shop + blog called frecklewonder! i'm so happy to share this super easy, almost immediate gratification halloween project with you today. i chose this one because it's super kid friendly (i made these with my 2 year old daughter's help) and you can probably find all the supplies around the house. in just three simple steps, you've got ghosts.

you ready?


cut your fabric into squares. i used traditional white, but black would be extra spooky! and fray the edges up a bit for a spook-tastic look.


take some cotton balls (or poly-fil if you have it! i didn't have any on hand at the moment, so cotton balls it was) and put them in the center of your square. 


pinch the fabric around the cotton balls, making a little ghost head. then grab a piece of string or fishing line and cinch the pinched part closed, and tie a knot, leaving one side of your string long, so that you can tie up your ghost somewhere in a bit. 


see? i told you. EASY. ghosts in the window! how about that. you could also hang these on a porch or from some trees in your yard. 

we made a dozen ghosts in one hour, but i'm guessing if you didn't have curious toddler hands tossing cotton balls all over the room, you might knock out even more in that time.


and for a bonus: i took a fine point sharpie and turned our ghosts into little friendly characters. it would be extra cute to have your kiddos draw on the faces if they're old enough! and you can save these and enjoy them for many years to come.

what you'll need:

some white fabric, cut into approx 8" x 8" squares (or smaller or bigger, depending on your personal preference!)
cotton balls or poly-fil
fishing line or string
a sharpie
and about an hour

thanks so much to elsie for having me today! i know she's been hard at work these past several weeks and i just can't wait for the grand opening of the new shop! happy halloween, everyone! xoxo jenny


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