Hi everyone!  Corey Marie here from coreymarie♥com.  We’re big Halloween nerds at my house, and so I thought it’d be fun to put together a Halloween mini-journal!  You can make this journal for yourself or make a whole bunch and hand them out as trick-or-treats!  (Your co-workers will thank you for not bringing in more candy!)

I’ve put up a free printable kit on my website, that you can print out and use for the pages of this album, or you can use blank pages.  4” x 6” index cards (lined or blank) will make easy instant albums, or you can use a variety of pages for a fun and simple art journal.

You’ll need:
12 4” x 6” papers or cards.
sewing machine, needle and thread, or booklet stapler
1 4” x 6” piece of heavy cardstock for cover.
fray check
2” x 4” piece of coordinating fabric or wide ribbon.
mod podge
bone folder
art clips
wax paper


1.  If you’re using my printable pages, print out and trim them out.  Fold all of the papers and the cover in half, making a 3” x 4” book.  Use a bone folder or a glass bottle to get a sharp folded edge.  You may need to fold pages in sections.
2.  Sew the fold that you just made.  If you’re using a sewing machine, use an old needle, because sewing paper will dull your needle quickly!  I like to keep a few dull, but usable needles in my sewing kit for sewing paper.  If you’re hand sewing, use your needle to poke holes at half inch increments, then sew through the holes you just made.  If you have a booklet stapler, you can use that, instead!  Leave about a half-inch on either side unsewn.
3.  Trim your fabric piece to square edges, and use fray check on the long edges.  To do this easily:  first, roll the fabric up, then dip the edges into fray check. 
4. Open up your book and lie it flat.  Coat the “wrong” side of the fabric with mod podge and glue it to the spine of the book.  The glue may seep through your fabric.  If it does, smooth it out with your finger or a paint brush.
5. Trim edges to a scant 1/2”, apply glue to the overhang, and fold the fabric over the cover, behind the pages.
6. Fold the book in half, encasing it in a small piece of wax paper.  Place a heavy book on top of the book, or clip the spine with binder clips. Allow to dry flat. 

Have fun! Happy Halloween! Corey


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