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Happy October everyone! Holly here, and I'm happy to be a part of Elsie's Tricks & Treats!
Halloween is a super fun time of year, and dressing up is something a lot of people look forward to.  Here's a few cute & simple ways to dress up your nails as well! If you don't have a costume planned (like me), this is a great way to still have some festive fun, and it only takes a few minutes.


First, start off my filing your nails square.  Then apply a base coat.



1. Use a white polish, and apply to the corner of your nail.  This is meant to go underneath the yellow polish, to make it pop.
2. Paint a yellow polish over the white. I used OPI "Cabana Banana". It's shimmery. :)
3. Use an orange polish and paint a smaller area of the corner, on top of the yellow. I used OPI "A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find"
4. With the white polish, paint the very tip of the corner, to resemble a candy corn.

Allow a few minutes to dry, and apply Top Coat to seal it.






Apply a base coat first, and allow to dry.
Paint the nails with a crazy lime green color. I used OPI "Fiercely Fiona" because it reminds me of Frankenstein. ;) Let it dry for 2 minutes, and apply a second coat.  The key to a smooth finish to apply 2 thin coats.
After the green polish is dry, free-hand a french tip with a dark color.  I chose OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark", it's a rich eggplant color. Allow 2 minutes to dry before sealing with Top Coat.  **This would also be super cute with a little monster/frankenstein face painted on the nail with a tiny brush or toothpick.  The dark tip would look like the hair! ;)










I hope everyone has a fabulous halloween, and I can't wait to see the new Red Velvet shop!!
xo holly



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