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Hello! It's Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky! Back when I was in college my painting professor let me know about the Habitat for Humanity surplus store, which sells almost any used construction items- from front doors, to windows, to flooring- but it's perfect for an art student looking for something cheap to use as a canvas.  I took a liking to painting on old cabinet doors, and one day I had picked up so many of them that were cool, but mismatched and didn't really work for the piece I was working on.  Not wanting to part with them, I came up with the idea to make them into a cool headboard for my bed!  


It was really easy, all you need are:
*3-7 old cabinet doors (depending on the width of your bed) from a building supply/surplus store
*1x2's (I think I bought two 8 ft lengths- but if you have a skinnier or wider bed, you'll need to measure how much you'll need)
*wood screws
*hand saw, screw driver, drill
1. Measure the width of your bed and bring a tape measure to the store.  Cabinet doors are all kinds of odd heights and widths, so you'll have to mix and match to find a good combination that fits your bed.  I made mine to be a few inches wider than my bed. I had a double bed and got 5 doors, but if you have a twin, queen or king sized bed, you'll probably end up getting a different amount.
2. Arrange your doors so that they look the way you want.  I mostly matched the bottom edge of mine, but one of my doors was too tall so I just scooted it down and it didn't matter really since you can't see it below the mattress.
3. Measure how high off the ground the top of your bed is.  You'll want the bottom of the doors to be a little bit below the top of your mattress.
4. Cut your 1x2's so that they are the height of your bed and at least 3/4 the height of the cabinet (for stability). Cut two more lengths of 1x2 to attach all of the boards together horizontally.  


5. I don't think I pre-drilled holes for my screws, but it would probably help to avoid splitting your 1x2's-  so if you are a more patient human being than I, it may be wise to drill holes for the screws to go in.
6. I put two screws in each board and three down the side, but however you feel will be most secure is fine!

Voila!  just scoot your bed away from the wall, slip this bad boy in there and you've got a new headboard!  I made mine in one afternoon, so it's a quick and easy way to have a fun, unique headboard!

I thought about doing a painting on mine as well, so you can even further customize your headboard if you like!

Thanks, Elizabeth! I adore your blog and this project is pure magic! XO. elsie 



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