Why hello there, it's Emma (a.k.a. the sister, the right-hand-woman, elsie's minion, elsie jr jr....) wanna make mini pies with me?


These mini pies have a rosemary crust with a spiced pear filling. And I like to serve them with a bit of greek yogurt and honey.


See that fork? It's just for show. The great thing about mini pies is you can just pop them into your mouth! And they are cute. As I always say, if your food isn't cute then what's the point.

Just kidding.

I used this pie crust recipe, plus 2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary. Rosemary is my favorite herb. I love how it smells when it's baking. And if I ever have a daughter I might try and name her Rosemary.

Bet you wanted to know all that.

Here are some tips about pie crust. Your butter must be cold. Must. I like to refrigerate the crust overnight before use, but don't wait longer than three days. And my most secretive and awesome tip of all: measure out the flour you will use, then put in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before making the crust. I don't know the science behind this but it makes for an even flakier crust!

My fillings for these had chopped up pears (take the skin off first), brown sugar and cinnamon. I highly encourage free form fillings, as in make it up as you go (and taste as you go to adjust). Some people like very sweet pie, I tend to lean toward a less sweet pie filling. That way I can justify adding a scoop of ice cream later if I want:)

Here is another tip for mini pies, use whatever to cut the dough to fit your muffin pan. I used a cup.


Let's recap a little...1. Make your dough and refrigerate overnight. 2. Roll out dough and using a cup or whatever you have on hand, cut dough into circles to fit your muffin pan. 3. Fill with free form pie fillings of your choosing. 4. Use left over dough to cover the tops, basket weave or covered all over is what I was in the mood for this day. But I also like leaves made out of dough or a braided edge (although that last one is hard to do on mini pies). 5. Bake in the oven at 350 F for 18-22 minutes.

I think this has been more tips than a traditional recipe. But sometimes it's the tips that are the most helpful in my opinion. But if you do like recipes, or pictures of food, or the rambles of a derranged mind...then you should stop by my humble blog.

If you want to. No pressure.


xo. Emma


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