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Hi! It's Ryan from I Am Photograph. As a fashion photographer it can be difficult shooting on location when you are shooting for the 'next season'. This past spring I shot on location for a fashion magazine that was to showcase clothes for the autumn/winter outerwear trend. Being that it was spring the woods were bright green with new leaves and didn't really communicate autumn. This is where retouching in Photoshop comes in handy!
For this trick we will go in and change the wood's spring greens to autumn's reds, oranges and golds. You will need Adobe Photoshop for this. I am using Photoshop CS3, I believe you can use versions all the way back to CS1 and up to CS5 but the steps may vary a bit.
Go to your Layers palette and create a new Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation

Most people know how to use Hue/Saturation to make a black and white photograph, but what some do not know or have not ventured to find is that you can use the drop down and only modify specific colors. For this effect we want to effect the green leaves. To do this you actually need to select the Yellows (not greens) as most of the perceived greens are actually yellow.

Now depending on your image adjust the Hue slider to taste until you get a nice warm color on your leaves. Don't worry about how it effects the subject we will restore that in the next step. As you can see if you slide around you can turn the leaves any color you want (go crazy) but for my effect I've put Hue at -41 for a nice warm autumn color.

Because you created an Adjustment Layer we can "mask" out the effect and restore the natural color to her skin and to her hair. If your not familiar with layer masks they are pretty powerful. On your Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer go to your paint brush and using a black color start painting in the areas that you want to restore the natural color. See? You are now masking out the effect in the local areas that you paint black. Whoops did you mask out too much? Switch from black to white and with white you can paint back in the effect. You may want to zoom in to be precise.
That's it! Learning to use masks and the hue/saturation can be very useful. You can apply this effect on a lot of things... maybe like changing hair color or changing the color of the shoes of the subject or eyes - it's endless!
Did you find this trick useful for a photo of yours? Post a link in the comments and showcase your work! Ryan 
Thanks so much, Ryan! This photo is unbelievable and the before/after is super impressive! Thanks for sharing your talent with our readers! Everyone... check out Ryan's new blog, I Am Photograph! It's full of photography (and styling) inspiration. He has amazing taste! XO. elsie 


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