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So, last year at this time I made this list! I accomplished lots of them and there are several that I will be adding to my new list (28 before 29) for this coming year. I'll share all of the items that were completed thus far, since a few are only halfway done.... 


#4. See The Flaming Lips. I did see the Flaming Lips on New Years Eve. It was epic and magical and everything I hoped seeing them live would be.... a huge party! 


#7. Austin! We traveled there with Doren in May to attend the Renegade Craft Fair and explore the city. I have to admit that if we ever considered relocating (doubtful because we adoreee Springfield) that this city would top my list! I love the shopping, the people and the all around kitschy-ness and quirkiness. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to visit again. 


#11. Make my own comic book. done! I love drawing comics. 


#13. A Renegade with Katie.
This was totally fun and by far the strangest Renegade experience I've ever had (for many reasons, but none of them relating to miss Skunkboy). We had so much fun with their family and I have to say that Chicago is my all time favorite place to do Renegade. The outdoors street fair atmosphere is so wonderful! ♥ 


#14. Visit Emma and Caleb. You have to remember that at this time last year I had no idea that Emma would be moving home and we would be starting this adventure together. I planned this trip (way-way-way) in advance so that she and I could work Renegade SF together. So I made the long drive to LA, had fun with her and Caleb, took her to SF and then we drove back to LA, packed everything she owned and drove back to Missouri. Goal accomplished... and so much more! 


#15. Make Suki cute pup clothes. Does this count? 


#16. Purchase a record player. Pretty sure I overachieved in this category since we went from 0 to, like, 10. Uh-oh.. good thing I have a store! Here's the first one we bought each other for Christmas. And here's my favorite vintage piece for our shop. Not to mention, this huge one. We love record players! 


#17. Collect Blue Cameras. This has been fun. I even made a DIY camera. Fun!



#19. Decorate Jeremy's House.
This has been fun. We've made lots of progress. I regret not getting 'before' photos, but it's safe to say that it's gone from full-bachelor house to half-bachelor-half-vintage-magic house. We're taking it slowly and hoping to complete lots more this year and during our first year of marriage.♥ 



#20. Make a Dollhouse! too easy, i guess because I did this one twice. One for my shop (above) and once just for fun



#23. Create a gorgeous Spring Line
. This started out as a tiny project and turned into an obsession. I did a Spring line, but continued to stay filled with inspiration for reworked vintage and handmade accessories all year round. I remember the first time I told Jeremy that I wanted to work with clothes a few years ago and actually considering taking a huge break from, well, everything to go to fashion school. Eventually I arrived at the perfect solution for my passion and Red Velvet when we started conceptualizing the new shop. It's been a beautiful journey and I can't wait to take my fashion love to the next level in 2011 (umm.. i think i'm already writing my new goals for next year in my mind!). 


#25. Pink Hair for a little while. Oh man.... I loved it and I hated it. It was the coolest and the stupidest thing I ever did. That's all I have to say about that.  No regrets. 


#27. 100 paintings... surely this happened, but who was counting! I'm itching to start painting again for this Holiday season.

I highlyyyyyy recommend making your own birthday list if you haven't before! It's a great way to do things you've always intended to do. This is my second year to make the list and I am perfectly happy with what was accomplished especially since the new store happened somewhat unexpectedly and soaked up every spare moment in the past four months. This post makes me feel really thankful for my 27th year of life. Thanks for sharing. XO. elsie 


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