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Happy Monday. My latest E-Course, Blog Love, is now available! This was an incredibly fun course for me to write. I love blogging, but never would have expected that it could become such a big part of my career! I spent the past month compiling tips, stories and ideas for young bloggers. This course was written with new bloggers in mind, but it goes way beyond simply 'getting started'. Here's a quick peek at each session.... 

Session 1: What's The Point In this session I talk about defining a theme for your blog. My favorite blogs are run by people who know who they want to be within the blogging community. Development is essential. It's branding for bloggers! Session 2: Finding Your Online Voice In this session I chat about communication and finding your unique voice that stands out in the crowd. Session 3: Simple Ways to Attract a Readership that Fits You don't just want readers, you want readers who connect with you and support what you love and who you are. In this session I'll teach you how to target the demographic that you want to reach. It's easier than you think! Session 4: "How Do You Fit It All In?" Time management for bloggers. I share my tips for getting a lot done quickly without sacrificing quality. Session 5: Focused Features This session is full of tips for choosing features that work for you. It's all about developing something unique, not just channeling what's already out there. Session 6: Photography for Bloggers Simple tips for getting better photos that tell a story. I, personally, think that photography is something that holds a lot of bloggers back. Learn to get the best shots with the resources you already own. Session 7: 10 Prompts for Blogger's Block This is one of the most practical sessions... I share ten easy ideas for blog posts that you can try next time you're lacking inspiration. Session 8: Free Promotion and Networking for Bloggers Learn to advertise for free without being annoying. Session 9: 5 Ways Blogging Can Jumpstart Your Career My blog has helped my business more than I can tell. In this session I share the benefits of blogging for business people. It's more than just promotion! Session 10: Simple Stats! How to increase traffic simply and honestly. In this session I share lots of practical advise and easy ways to gain new readers in unexpected places. Session 11: Ad Free VS. Monetized Blogging I share the pros and cons of each plus personal tips for bloggers who are ready to monetize. Session 12: Marketing for Bloggers I share easy and smart ways to advertise your blog. I am highly against shameless self-promotion, so there are no tips here that will embarrass you. Bonus: A Peek into my Blog Inspiration Notebook and Bonus: Tips for Video Blogging (I teach this session through video, of course!). In addition to all these sessions I share my personal blog story from it's humble start as a just-for-fun project, it's growth through the years and how it became a big part of my full time career. 

This E-Course is available through Red Velvet! xo. elsie


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