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this morning i read this post that Jeremy wrote and i haven't been able to stop thinking about the topic. it's a post about his perspective as an independent musician working at his dream full time, watching friends give up and move on and the constant inner battle that people like us inevitably face.


how do i measure success? at what point will i feel satisfied in what i've achieved? what if i realize that i'm never going to have enough money to live other dreams (like having a family or expanding into new opportunities)... what then?

these questions can feel heavy year after year. working independently (or at any "dream job") requires unanticipated sacrifice and years of hard work for a goal that, for some people, never happens. if this post is a huge bummer to read, imagine living with these realities in the back of your mind at all times. everyone in my position has these thoughts. it's normal and healthy... it's as simple as being in touch with reality. it's easy to imagine that we're all ridiculously happy creating art day and night. that part of the "dream job" is the sweetest part and the reason why i'm willing to sacrifice literally everything to keep going. it's also important to know that behind every success story is a person who has very likely been completely broke for long periods of time and lived with haunting doubts and fears of failure. it's pressing through these obstacles and living a risky dream that separates talented people from talented people whose dreams come to life! 

i've been incredibly lucky and a lot of my hard work and risk taking has paid off up to this point. i guess that i wanted to write this post to encourage someone out there who is in the middle of sacrificing comfort for the chance at a dream. whoever you are, just know that you aren't alone. in fact, most of the people you admire have walked in your shoes. hard times are a part of a the bigger story of success. 

xo, elsie 


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