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Wow... what a crazy good week! I released a Blogging E-Course on Monday and have received so many wonderful e-mails. I am beyond thrilled that bloggers from all over the world are being inspired by the course. It was a labor of love (literally, i spent many many late nights writing these sessions and it was super fun!). I've been getting lots of questions regarding the course that I thought it might be helpful to post a Q+A session for curious minds..... 

Q: Is this a weekly class? How is it set up? 

A: This e-course is different from classes I've done in the past. All of the sessions are already completed and when you sign up you get access to everything. It's a work at your own pace course, so there are no deadlines and no timeframe... plus no waiting for posts! You can enjoy, take in and work on 'homework' on your own schedule. There is a lot of information to take notes on and apply to your blog, so I recommend focusing on one session at a time. The private blog (where all the sessions are posted) will be available for a minimum of two years, so there's no rush for you. You can also print them off to keep them if you like! 

Q: If I sign up how will I get a password to see the course? 

A: After we receive your payment we will e-mail you the login information within 48 hours. We send it to the e-mail that is in your paypal or website receipt. If you don't receive your e-mail within 48 hours, please contact us. Sometimes people forget to update their paypal e-mails or e-mails can bounce back. You can contact us at support@redvelvetart.com

Q: What can I expect? What level is the course written for? 

A: I developed the course for 'new bloggers' (ie.. myself a few years ago!) in mind. There is personal advise for bloggers on all levels. I've been really happy to find that some of my personal favorite bloggers (who already have great blogs!) have really enjoyed the course. There is a very strong focus on development and branding for bloggers. You can read the session list here

Q: When does the sign up period end? 

A: Like the rest of my E-Courses, this course will be continually available. There is no deadline for sign up. 

Q: I love the idea of the course and would like to participate - only thing is, i am nowhere near living in your timezone, could this be a problem?

A: Nope. There are no time zone issues. Everything is available so you can work through it whenever you have a chance. It's friendly for bloggers in all countries (although it is only available in English at this time). 

Q: I want to purchase this class as a gift. How can I do that? 

A: How sweet of you! If you purchase a spot it will be sent to your e-mail. You can print out the login information for your gift! Just be sure to remember that each spot is only for one person. 

Q: I don't have a blog just yet, could I use this course to help me start my blog which I want to start?

A: Absolutely. This course is perfect for people who want to get a really strong, good quality start on their blog. There's some info in there that you won't need till later, but that's not a bad thing. ;) 

*if any of you have additional questions I'd be happy to add them! 

I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent a kind e-mail or tweet about the course. It means the world to me to know that people are loving it and learning things to become better bloggers. Blogging is a subject that I am super passionate about. I'm really happy with the outcome of the course. For more info, look here. Please feel free to e-mail me personally if you write a review of the course! (elsie@redvelvetart.com) XO. elsie 


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