D.I.Y. Project,


I made this super cute and simple accessory project this afternoon! You'll need at least one blank wood bangle bracelet, some acrylic paint and a paint brush. 


Step 1: Use a light color to prime a 'background' area on your bangle. I used two coats. Acrylic paint dries extremely fast (usually within about 10 minutes). 


Step 2: Paint XOs (or any cute design) in varied paint colors all the way around your bracelet. I did half, let it dry and then did the other half to prevent smudges. I used red and poppy orange paint colors. 




Step 3: Let dry and seal with an acrylic paint sealer if desired. I would recommend sealing in case you ever wear it in the rain etc... It will help to protect your hand painted details. 

Wear it or give it as a gift! Enjoyyyyy. 


XO! elsie 


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