I'm so excited to begin sharing tiny weekly updates about the creation of my upcoming dress line for Red Velvet (it comes out on March 1st!). So, here's the skinny.... last autumn Mallory contacted me to apply for an internship at Red Velvet. She had noticed this blog post and wanted to be involved in the creation and production of our first in house dress line! We worked out details and have been communicating long distance (she's a fashion student at DAAP in Cincinnati) all season. This past week she arrived for her ten week internship and we immediately jumped in. 

Here's what we've done so far...I sketched 12+ dresses (as seen above in sketches plus many more and tons of revisions since then...), we narrowed down the designs to our favorites, spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect fabrics, Mallory has been making the patterns and stitching samples and we already have quite a few of those underway. This coming week is designated for finishing patterns and stitching samples as well as testing fabric colors and prints. Plus I am working on a similarly styled accessory line. 


Say hello to Mallory! She'll be a part of our team for the next ten weeks.♥ Next week I'll share fabric samples and color inspiration. Thanks for peeking at our progress! It's a huge dream come true. elsie


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