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We're happy to bring you Volume 2 of Makeover Story by Red Velvet today (see Volume 1 here). This is such a fun project to work on and I am happy to introduce you to our next makeover guest, Kelsie. She's a sweetheart and she has no idea how pretty she really is. I handpicked her for this feature because I knew she had a love for thrifting, but lacked the confidence to really enjoy her personal style. I looked forward to this all month, and we had tons of fun. Enjoy!  


Kelsie: "I've been vegan for seven years, so it's very important to me that the clothing I wear is vegan. I avoid textiles like leather, suede, silk and wool. My current wardrobe is full of hand-me-down clothing and random thrift purchases. A lot of my clothing didn't fit very well. When Elsie asked me to be a part of Makeover Story I was excited because I've always been a little intimidated by trends and style. After my makeover I felt really confident and excited to try more vintage styled looks!"

The first thing we did when Kelsie came in on makeover day was a little fringe trim. I gave her cute bangs that feather down on the sides and a few extra curls for her long hair. Kelsie also shopped for new frames before the makeover and they're super cute! 

In Look One Kelsie is wearing a cute little 1970s dress with bright tights and vegan boots.


Vintage is a great way to shop for vegan clothing. Not only are cotton and polyester pieces vegan friendly, but they are also environmentally conscience because wearing pre-owned clothing reduces waste. If you're interested in shopping for vegan garments, just check the tags and remember that cotton is always a good choice!


One thing that I focused on in my makeover with Kelsie was variety. I wanted to teach her tons of new 'tricks' that she could use on a regular basis. She loves color, so we played with this little handmade floral clip for some fun photos. 


In Look Two Kelsie is wearing a cute vintage plaid dress, from Red Velvet, along with an intentionally mismatched belt (too much matching is no fun...) and braids. Long hair is so much fun to braid and play with. This hair style was built with four large braids and a messy bun in the back. 




Braids are one of my favorite styles because they're easy to do in 5 minutes and they can be dressed up or down. 

The goal of our Makeover Story feature is to inspire readers that vintage clothing can be worked into any wardrobe in a modern and stylish way. Thank you to Kelsie for being a part of this month's feature! 

XO. elsie


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