every since we (very sadly) took down our tinsel forest of Christmas trees the shop window has been looking bare. i had an ambitious and potentially really magical idea for the early Spring window display a couple days ago. it involves lots of paint and color,color,color! hopefully i can finish it by the weekend and share a peek! we have new indoor displays to build too (it's one of my favorite parts!). and the concept matches our first lookbook photo shoot which will be out in a couple weeks. 

i hope you don't mind my random shop posts. i want to share the little things about owning and boutique and more behind-the-scenes photos this year because i realized that that's what my 16-year-old-self would have really really wanted to see and read about. 

have a wonderful day! elsie 

ETA- congratulations to the January Giveaway winner..... 


Kristine! the camera bag, pretty beauty products and art prints from my lovely sponsors are for you! just e-mail me with your shipping info... [email protected] XXO. 


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