well hello there! here are 10 brand new things that i absolutely adore. i realized the other day that i've been doing '10 Things I Love' for almost three years and have never once run out of new things. that's because there are so many pretty things out there... charming! 


1. loving this Anthropologie dress.♥ 



2. These Marc by Marc Jacobs looks MADE MY DAY. i love this pumpkin color and the prints.... gah. (photos via Vogue... you should definitely view the full show if you haven't yet!)


3. I've been a fan of Kelsey Genna for years, but this dress and this sheer top are too much. SO pretty! 


4. I received this amazing gypsy crown today from Moorea Seal. It made me the happiest girl in the entire world! I'm going to wear it to one of my wedding events... for sure. 

5. Vanilla Lattes every day of.my.life. 

6. The Crystal Necklaces from Lovers and Lost Boys at RV. They're so pretty. I put them on our models all the time (the top photo is of some Clear Quartz pieces).


(here's a teeny sneak peek from my shoot this past Sunday)


7. straw hats. i love them so much! (anyone know the source of this photo?)


8. little backpacks. i want one for Spring! (photo via Fancy Treehouse)

9. starting to do wedding planning.......................................... finally. (it's fun!)



10. I'm absolutely enchanted by this sleep elevations series by Maia Flore (seen via honestlywtf). Pure magic! 

Nighty Night! I need to get some rest for an AM photoshoot. XXo, elsie 


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