Project ReStyle,



I love a simple ReStyle with lots of visual impact and since my gold shoes ReStyle took three nights of painting and repainting I opted for a 1 hour project this time! Last week I purchased this 1980s black mannequin/display piece for $8. Everyone at the shop protested and said that I shouldn't have brought it back at all (we have too many mannequins as it is, but surprise-surprise... I couldn't resist! I saw this piece's ReStyle potential. For this ReStyle I simply covered the black display piece with book paper, using masking tape. It's a little tedious, but book paper is a theme in our shop so I knew it was the right choice for our space. After I felt like it was a really pretty piece and a great fit for my boutique, Red Velvet. 

Here are my favorite ReStyles from other participants, via our Flickr group.... 


This dress ReStyle is very pretty. 


This dreamy dollhouse is SO much fun. 


Erin's kites made from unloved shirts in her own closet are really adorable! 


and I simply ADORE Margot's Doily Lamp ReStyle

Have a lovely, lovely day! Elsie


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