Project ReStyle,


First up, Jill of Lune made this gorgeous tapestry bag. Here's what she has to say.... 

"I love finding vintage tapestry rugs from the 60's and 70's. My love affair with these rugs started as a child. My dad had a huge printed tapestry of "The Hustler" by Arthur Sarnoff hanging in our game room. More recently, I pick them up for our local shop Lune Vintage to add a warm bohemian feel to the space. I also have a huge one with deer in my living room!  Usually, I look for larger rugs, but it struck me that the small door mat sized ones would make such simple slouchy drawstring bags. So, this is what I used to make a Summer Tapestry Bag!" Thanks so much, Jill! I adore your ReStyle! 



Next up, Chelsea of Seablanket restyled this table to fit the decor in her brand new home. Here's what she has to say... "I was given this old side table about a month ago and I wanted to make it a really dark wood finish, I stripped all the paint and added a few layers of dark wood stain. Once fully dry, I applied one coat of wax to polish and add durability. It really made the wood grain pop! It was such a fun project and I look forward to making more bored, old pieces look beautiful and fresh!" Thanks so much, Chelsea! Your new home looks super cozy.

please note: I have fallen a little behind on Project ReStyle posts in the past few weeks. I'm so thankful for your patience as I get caught up on posting! For those of you who have posted in our flickr group be on the lookout because I'll be sharing more of your projects here this coming week! I am excited to get back into the swing of things with Project ReStyle. My next project is a velvet mini dress makeover. I can't wait to share it.♥ Elsie


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