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This past week I got a peek at my bestie's beautiful home. It's too perfect for words... truly. After seeing her new space I felt inspired & challenged to devote some time and planning to our living space. For me, it's more of a long term project (I doubt I'll be ready for a home tour till late summer or maybe even Autumn...) but Mr. Larson and I have been planning to do a lot of home updates and projects this summer, after the wedding. 

So, without further ado, here are 10 Things I Love... from the insides of other people's homes! enjoy! 



1. Even though I have a shop/studio space, I love the idea of working at home. A little creative space is essential! I love this home/work space, seen via The Selby. Pure magic! 


2. I'm a fan of this storage system (seen via Poppytalk). It's fun and playful. I would love something of this nature in my dressing room or studio... even the laundry room. It's pretty. 


3. I'm all the way into this! The patterned walls are so perfect. Totally love.. lust... want to have something with these shapes in my space. Now I just have to figure out where...? Seen via Design For Mankind.


5. I love these silly things & totally want one. 


6. On my 'most wanted list' hanging vintage chairs. L O V E! (seen via Lune)

7. I adore this art! It's the perfect splash of color. (via Apartment Therapy)


8. and this is my other most desired chair. i can't wait to find one someday!! (she's wearing a vintage Pucci dress too... so cute! source)


9. I love these colors & most of all that velvety couch! (via Australian Vogue Living)


10. Last, but not least, Rachel's dreamy home. The houndstooth chair with mustard throw is pretty much perfection. I'm in love! 

I'm looking forward to personalizing our newlywed home this summer. It's on my 28 before 29 goal list! Collecting inspiration is so much fun. 


XOXO! We're off to our favorite Italian dinner spot for a meeting with our wedding pastor. Happy Sunday! elsie


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