Wedding: Elsie,





I'm happy as can be that my wedding invitations arrived yesterday! I'm scurrying to get them all ready to mail out tomorrow. I originally intended to DIY my invitations. I had a killer design, but decided I'd rather save it for a wedding shower I'm hosting later this summer and save myself a million hours. My wedding DIY list is pretty insane already and it was fun to be able to support some talented sellers. These record invitations are from Ello There on and the custom stamp we are using on the back is from Kozue.  

Funny coincidence, the day that I really need to send off my invitations (tomorrow) a. postage prices are going up and b. it's tax day (oh my!). It's ok... I'm thrilled with how they turned out and I'm enjoying addressing every last one myself. 


(eek.... here's what I have to address and stamp tonight and tomorrow! good thing I have Audrey Hepburn to keep me company.)


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