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OH MY GOSH! This beautiful baby arrived at my doorstep last week. I have been admiring it all week. It's a pear green KitchenAid Mixer and it was our first official wedding gift. Thanks, grandma.... I'm in love! Is it weird that I took a photo kissing it? Seemed like the right thing to do...

My parents & grandmother also gifted us an amazing teal vintage couch! I'll post photos this weekend after we get it moved into the house. sooo excited! 

On the topic of kitchens, what should I make with it first? Lemonade Cookies maybe? Any favorite recipes to share? 

While I'm being all random and stuff, here's a sneak-peek from the next makeover story that will be coming up soon.... 


I'm off to take suki for a walk! XX, elsie 


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