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Hello there! It's been a little while since I launched my Blog Love and Dream Job e-courses. I've collected several reviews to share, for those considering taking a course. It's always such an honor (and a happy treat) to get these kind of e-mails. Makes my day, every single time! 


"I've taken other e-courses and read books on handmade business, independent business and blogging. This was by-far the most beneficial to me. What I loved most is that the way you spoke in your writing was easy to understand and that you showed how you can apply it to what you are doing.  Since taking your class my stats have pretty much tripled. Not only that but I have one of the top ten craft blogs in blog lovin since taking your class.  I went from a handful of followers to being in the top ten.  So just from that I think it shows proof that your teaching was well understood and completely applicable to my blogging and business." -Erin of Sunshine and Carousels 

"I'm definitely in the category of someone who has been doing this a while, but I so respect and admire everything you do I thought I would for sure glean some new insights. And I wasn't disappointed. I found it totally inspiring and also reinforced things I already knew, but had lost sight of. Also, thank you sooo much for opening yourself up with your personal life-story." -Alix of Modern Kiddo

" The style in which you wrote the course is lovely and engaging. I feel like we are sitting around having a conversation. I really feel like everything you are saying is coming from the heart and that you genuinely want to help others improve not just their blogs but their whole blogging experience. I think that is so admirable. Although I have been reading your blog for about a year now I feel like through this e-course I am REALLY getting to know you." -Elycia of Love, Elycia 

"The course itself was fantastic. Elsie really poured her heart into every lesson. I still frequent the course site to re-read passages and incorporate the lessons into my blogging as I continue to learn how I want to shape my blog. And that's the best part-- it's geared towards helping you figure out what you want your blog to be, not an anonymous and long list of do's and don'ts." -Sarah of And She Loved

Read more about the Blog Love E-Course here. 


"In the Dream Job E-Course, Elsie and Emma both graceously bring you into their personal experiences on getting to this point in their careers. They go further than social marketing, product making, audience targeting, and touch the really gritty difficulties that independent business owners face. The course is jam-packed with information! Literally every possible aspect you can think of. I've left this course with my wheels spinning, my journal full of ideas, and my inspiration in high gear." -Julie of Julie Ann Art

" The course covers everything from branding, regrouping after failures, product development, marketing, finances and much much more. What I love the most is the initiated writing and concrete examples, this is clearly written by people who have lived through it all. And don't let the "Dream job" title fool you, this is not a fluffy romantic take on following your dreams - the sisters makes no bones about how much hard work they have put into the Red Velvet brand." -Johanna of The Last Stitch

" Elsie and her team are so talented at organizing the information is ways that you can relate and dispense advice you can really use. What I like most is that the e-course come in one big bundle.  No waiting for Monday's weekly posts, or Thursday's assignment.  Nope it's all there for your greedy eyes!  You work at your own pace and at the moment that is all I can do." -Krista of Twirl Design Studio

I can't wait to post more success stories from Dream Job students in the future too! Learn more about the Dream Job E-Course here. 

Take a peek at our full E-Course Catalog too. Thank you so much for your support. These courses were so fulfilling to create and every single review I receive really does make my day! Elsie


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