D.I.Y. Project,

I love tie dye projects. I think the first time I ever tie dyed anything was at a middle school girls sleep over party-and it was so fun! Today Katie has made us a sweet summer tie dye DIY.


Hi Everyone I'm Katie of I go by Katie & I'm excited to share a fun DIY with you while Elsie takes some time off to enjoy her wedding & I am so excited for her! Now here's how to make this super easy & chic spotted tie dye top! 

Supplies you will need:
Small glass marbles
Rubber bands
Fabric dye (I used Jacquard Procion MX dye but good old Rit will do) - if you've never used fabric dye before, don't worry it's super easy!
Measuring cups
A cotton blouse or tee shirt - whatever you like as long as it's 100% cotton. (I picked up the one I used here at Forever 21.)

 To begin mix your dye according to the instructions on the box or bottle for tub dying fabric. Next prep your shirt.
Decide where you would like your spots, I chose to place them randomly in clusters. Put a marble behind the cloth of the shirt & pinch it around bottom. Then wrap it tightly at the base with a rubber band. The rubber band will prevent the dye from reaching the fabric under it creating the spot.

Now you are ready to dye your shirt, place it in the dye bath you've prepared & stir it so the dye saturates the shirt equally. Follow the directions given with your dye for how long you should leave your shirt in the dye bath. Once you've reached that number run your shirt under cold water until most of the dye has been rinsed away then undo all of your rubber bands. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. Finally machine wash your shirt on cold & hang to dry. All done! Flaunt your lovely new summery chic tie dye top.

I hope you've enjoyed my fun & easy DIY! 



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