D.I.Y. Project,

Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst was kind enough to share with us an adorable DIY project for creating your own Domino set-how fun!


Hi, everyone! It’s Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst. I’m super excited for Elsie and Jeremy and know I’m not alone in wishing them complete and utter happiness! I’m also thrilled to be here and have cooked up a little domino DIY project for you all. So without further ado, let’s make dominoes!


Supplies: 29 pieces of wood, cut to 1" wide x 2" tall x 3/4" thick puff paint, any color will work sandpaper cork backed ruler pencil.

Step 1: Cut wood tiles to 1" wide x 2" tall x 3/4" thick or you can pick up blank tiles here.


Step 2: Use your sandpaper to smooth any rough edges. Use a lightly dampened cloth to remove any dust before you start painting your tiles.


Step 3: Using your cork-backed ruler, measure halfway up the domino. Use your pencil to lightly draw a line across your tile.



Step 4: Using the chart I've provided below and your pencil, make small marks for all of your dots. I usually eyeball this part, but you could be precise and use your ruler to measure out exactly where the dots need to be drawn.



Step 5
: Use your puff paint and make a puff paint dot over the pencil marks and a dotted line over your middle pencil line.




Step 6: Follow all of the steps above for each piece and let them all dry.

Step 7: Head over here if you need a rules refresher and then play, play, play!

Thanks so much to Abbey for sharing this cute project with us!

xo. Elsie


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