D.I.Y. Project,

I still have lots of fun DIY projects and yummy treats coming your way this week-I was so so excited to see what Jenni would come up with and I was super impressed by this beautiful necklace she created. How fun!


Hi Hi! It's Jenni from I Spy DIY. Congrats to Elsie and thanks for having me on the site!  I spied this beyond cute necklace and just so happened to have a scarf in the same color that did not get much wear. So with a few cuts and folds, a new neck piece was born!


Supplies: Scarf, scissors, iron and a needle.


Step 1: Cut the scarf into 5 strips, each 2 inches wide.


Step 2: Start folding the material back and forth like an accordion, ironing each fold so the material is pleated. Repeat on 4 of the strips.


Step 3: Cut tops to even off.


Step 4: Using the last strip and a large needle, thread each pleated strip.


Step 5: Trim bottom to create your desired shape.


Tie around your neck over a little white dress to create the perfect summer look!


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