D.I.Y. Project,

Here's another great DIY tutorial that reminds me of middle school- I loved making little friendship bracelets with friends when I was younger so I was so excited when I saw that Chelsea had created a modern, more grown up version of these classic little accessories! How fun!


Hi all, it's Chelsea from Seablanket here to show you a fun, modern interpretation on Friendship Bracelets. These are all the rage for summer, and I've been seeing everyone from actress and singer Zooey Deschanel to style queen Garance Doré rocking stacks of friendship bracelets intermixed with other jewelry pieces. Grab some friends and create your own... here's how:



Things you’ll need: clasps, string, beads, scissors.


First, tie one end of your string to one end of the clasp. Work with about twelve inches of string, so you can have plenty of excess string to use in tying knots.


Next, add beads! There’s no “right” way to make a friendship bracelet, so have fun with it. Once you’ve added enough beads, tie on the other clasp and trim off the leftover string.



Thanks Chelsea for sharing this cute throw-back project with us!


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