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IMG_3263-1This Project ReStyle is brought to you by a random stop at a favorite thrift store with my kids, some fabric I'd been hoarding for awhile, and a few tv shows on Hulu. I found these two old camping cots and saw their potential after seeing how my friend, Rubyellen, had used one on her front porch for her kids to lounge in on warm days. I brought them home and carefully cut off one of the canvases to use as my pattern and then cut out and stitched the edges of the new canvas. I restitched the new ones onto the aluminum frames by hand making sure to get them as tight as possible in case they stretched a bit.


They are child sized cots that I plan on keeping around for our backyard campouts, friend sleepovers, and general lounging. The kids have already tested them out. I LOVE when a projects comes out better than expected!


Here are a few of my favorite projects from the Project ReStyle flickr group.


Covered hangers by Souvenirscousus.


Tights to socks by Elycia.


Dress to top by Portia Lawrie.

I'm excited to get back on the Project ReStyle bandwagon after a few weeks of playing catch up after the release of Style Your Space and excited to share more project ideas that have been sitting in my head ever since! I'm so happy to step in and keep this space beautiful while Elsie and Jeremy enjoy some time frolicking across Texas in search of the best bubble tea and flea markets. Feel free to share your own projects in our ever growing Flickr group and see what others have been working on! xoxo, Rachel


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