Dear Elsie + Jeremy,

My favorite memory of the wedding weekend was during the rehearsal in the beautiful space above your shop. There we all were, the people that love you most and want only the happiest things for you, and all so thankful to be a part of your union. We were all chatting away as we were instructed on when to enter and where to stand, taking advantage of the rare occasion to be together in one place. The music for Elsie to enter started and her father walked her down the aisle. It was just a practice run but I suddenly felt the excitement in the air and the butterflies in my stomach. Then it was just you two at the front and the pastor was giving you instructions but I remember you guys looking at each other and, I imagine, not quite hearing all he had to say. 

It was a special weekend of reflection on who you two are as individuals and how fantastically that works in your favor as a couple. I've loved getting to be an observer from the very beginning and look forward to being a part of the rest of your story. 

I love you guys,


Thank you, Rach. I love you so much! Elsie 

Photo Credit: Arrow & Apple


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